Pentecost and peace

The ancient Christians said, as affirmed by Saint Augustine, God is One, True, Good and Beautiful.  It is the Spirit that gives us to know theses things, and to exemplify them in our lives.  To the extent that we do so we reflect the holiness of God and are accounted virtuous by men (pace, feminists,... Continue Reading →

Veiled and unveiled heads

How very interesting that when the Trump women went to Saudi Arabia they did not wear veils.  It is the men wearing veils!       But they did when they visited the Pope. In Rome it is the custom of women to cover their heads for audiences with the Vicar of Christ.  

Fatima 100 year anniversary celebration

This Saturday, May 13the is the 100th anniversary of Our Lady's first in a series of apparitions to the children at Fatima, Portugal.  This is a big deal.  Consequently there will be a procession followed by Mass at St. Ignatius Church at 10:00 AM. More on the six Marian apparitions of Fatima and the Three... Continue Reading →

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